Church Service Hours:

Sabbath School 9:30 am

Church Service: 10:50 am

Church Events For March: COVID-19 Update March 18 2020


We will be suspending all services and activities at our church for the remainder of March. This will be reassessed the first of April.


**This includes the planned work-bee this Sunday**


Both the adult Sabbath School class and the church service will be live streamed on our public Facebook page. Announcements, reminders, and links to share will be provided in the time leading up to Sabbath morning.


Thanks again and be safe!


Kim W.

In Service:

Ministries of Our Church Family:

Postcard Ministry: These postcards in the pews are to be used if you miss someone, pray for someone, enjoy a song, sermon, or children's story, or just want to encourage a friend, just write them a postcard.  You can either drop them in the offering plate or put it in the cubby marked "Postcards" after church and we will take care of addressing and mailing it.

Just a thought, but you could remember our young people who are not in attendance with a cheerful and uplifting message on a card, letting them know that they are missed.

Fifth Street Ministry

Sewing Seeds of Love

Our Youth Away At School:

Lydia Mounce

Zach Roberts

Reid Palmer

C.J. McCline

Brandon Grentz

Helen Faulk

Delaney Fox