Church Service Hours:

Sabbath School 9:30 am

Church Service: 10:50 am

Church Events For January: 

Firday 17 -Vespers 6-7PM

Sabbath 18 -Baby Shower for Wendy Bowen Eure-Baby boy coming soon.

Sunday 19 -Adventurer Meeting 10AM-2PM

Wednesday 22 -Prayer Meeting 6:30PM

Thursday 23-25 Final Empire-Religious Liberty's Last Stand (23-24 at 7:30 PM, 25 Sabbath Worship and 7:30 PM)

Sabbath 25 -General Potluck

Sunday 26 -Pathfinder Meeting

Monday 27 -Fifth Street Ministry

Wednesday 29 -Prayer Meeting

In Service: 18 January

Speaker: Tom Crowl

Elder: Matt Faulk

SS Teacher: Joel Rodriguez

Deaconesses for January: Deborah Faulk & Tracie Farrington

Ministries of Our Church Family:

Postcard Ministry: These postcards in the pews are to be used if you miss someone, pray for someone, enjoy a song, sermon, or children's story, or just want to encourage a friend, just write them a postcard.  You can either drop them in the offering plate or put it in the cubby marked "Postcards" after church and we will take care of addressing and mailing it.

Just a thought, but you could remember our young people who are not in attendance with a cheerful and uplifting message on a card, letting them know that they are missed.

Fifth Street Ministry

Sewing Seeds of Love

Our Youth Away At School:

Lydia Mounce

Zach Roberts

Reid Palmer

C.J. McCline

Brandon Grentz

Helen Faulk

Delaney Fox

January Birthdays:

Lydia Mounce-9                                                  Mike Gibson-9

Jennifer Garcia-12                                              **Elias Rodriguez-13

Eric Jenkins-16                                                    Silvia Miller-17

*Piper Mounce-17                                              Randy Bowen-21

Marianna Wilson-17                                         *Rodrique Paul-31

From the Conference:

  1. Evangelism IMPACT 2020: February 6-9 at Myrtle Beach, Landmark Resort. Register at: www.carolinasda.org

Romance at the Ranch: February 14-16 at NOSOCA Pines Ranch. Register at: www.carolinasda.org